Steinberg Cubase LE, AI, Elements 7.0.5 Build 2197 (PC, MAC)
Steinberg Cubase LE, AI, Elements 7.0.5 Build 2197 (PC, MAC)
2013 | PC, MAC | Multilanguage | 2.18GB/2.54GB

This is WIN/MAC installer for Cubase LE AI Elements 7 + Update 7.0.5
Cubase Elements 7 Retail, this is the original retail version so you will need a activation code to run Elements.

Cubase 7 Elements it can be installed in the trial mode, but as LE and AI it can be freely installed registered and updated on Steinberg website. Registered and updated it as AI version and it works without any problems.

Attention ! Free registration AI7 LE7 and will be available on Steinberg later ( stay tuned ) . You can pre- create the account MySteinberg ( if you do not already have it ) . Cubase Elements 7 for free registration will not be available .
The disc is a freeware with different equipment , but is not available in the free downloading from the manufacturer.
In the tablet program does not require, all legally and without any code modification .
From the distribution does not cut , is heard in its original form .
MacOS version in the hand is missing ( see the relevant section ) .
First run StartCenter.exe, install 7.0.4 , then run the update to 7.0.5
Works in the same system as the other versions of Cubase, including grunt Cubase 3, 4 , 5, and with Nuendo.
Works with all the grunt plug-ins, if there is any additional specific incompatibility.

Warning for users of Cubase 5 AiR and programs that involve emulator eLicenser-a!

If you are using Cubase 5 AiR, or Nexus 2 , or other programs (plug-ins ) , those involving emulator USB eLicenser from AiR release in 2009 (SYNSOEMU.DLL), the installation of Cubase AI7 / LE7 in your system can make unusable chipped Cubase 5 and other plug-ins for the aforesaid emulator. To avoid this (! ) Before istallyatsiey Cubase AI7 / LE7 perform the following manipulations:
1) Look for a directory Windows/System32 ( in either the Windows/SysWow64) SynsoEMU.dll file and copy it to a safe place .
2 ) Install Cubase AI7 / LE7 and updates .
3 ) Setup Cubase AI7 / LE7 replaces pirate SynsoEMU.dll your file as a result of programs like Cubase 5 AiR will require a key. So copy the file back to a previously saved SynsoEMU.dll.

To avoid the hassles associated with sudden stops functioning of your previously installed programs , do not forget prior to installation of new products is always in good time to make a copy of your working system . It will save your time and save your nerves !

Procedure for registration of Cubase AI / LE
Instructions not, because at that time the manufacturer has not deigned to open a permanent record ! Instead of a constant , you can use a temporary ( without limiting the number of cycles and duration of re-registrations ) . See spoiler, which is located below the cap in hand.

The order of provisional registration Cubase AI7 / LE7 ( as long as a permanent record will be made available on the website)
The connection to the Internet is not necessary : a successful outcome of the registry, it does not affect in any way.
1) Open the folder C: ProgramData eLicenser Logs, and then delete all the files inside.
2) Open the folder C: Program Files (x86) eLicenser eLCC, and create a shortcut to the file eLCC.exe
3 ) Edit the shortcut : press the right mouse button , select “Properties” . After you make your changes in the properties of the shortcut is : “C: Program Files (x86) eLicenser eLCC eLCC.exe” – add a space after the quotation marks and the line:
-localsoftlicensedownload 02407CNRMFCBJRNCPSRBGA0014248315
The final result is : “C: Program Files (x86) eLicenser eLCC eLCC.exe”-localsoftlicensedownload 02407CNRMFCBJRNCPSRBGA0014248315
If you wish to register Cubase LE7, then the option should be the line : “C: Program Files (x86) eLicenser eLCC eLCC.exe”-localsoftlicensedownload 02407CWVUDGAKNWCXRXKYZ001425897C
4) Click OK. Click on the icon . Visually, nothing will happen , you just have to wait no more than 15 seconds.
5 ) Open the eLicenser Control Center – there should appear a license Cubase AI7 (LE7) demo for 30 days or 300 runs.
After 30 days or 300 launches will need to delete the file C: Documents and Settings All Users Application Data Syncrosoft SeLicenser.sel – This will remove all the eLicenser- license.
After deleting the file will need to create a new shortcut “C: Program Files (x86) eLicenser POS SYNSOPOS.exe” / regsel, run it, and then repeat the entire procedure of registration .
For the sake of convenience , poluavtomatizatsii for re-registration procedure can be folded all the shortcuts in the same directory and then run them one by one in the case of the completion of the trial period of the program: 1 ) shortcut script to delete a file *. Sel, 2 ) shortcut to create a new *. Sel and 3) the introduction of a label license. It will save your nerves and time, and re- program will take no more than half a minute.

How to create and use a script file to delete a file *. Sel:
1) , open Notepad .
2) make a back row del selicenser.sel
3 ) save it under the name of deletesel.cmd the directory c: ProgramData Syncrosoft
4) to create a shortcut .
5 ) move the shortcut to the rest of the labels , or anywhere.
6 ) When the trial period ends – click the shortcut , it will be the same as deleting the file *. Sel.
7) Next, create a file sel and other licensed cube yarlykami.Kak be a license file if elicenser than Cubase Ai7 hang other licenses , such as from Arturia:

1) elicenser cram all the desired licenses ( for example , Arturia), but without Cubase Ai7;
2) the file is packed into sel rar ( make a copy ) ;
3) create this sel ( which is not packed ) license Cubase Ai7 ( procedure described above);
4) at the expiration of the license ( 30 dney/30 starts) elicenser logs and delete the file sel , and instead unpack the archive file to sel, which saved earlier in step 2 ;
5) submit a new license Ai7 ( by the procedure described above ), and continue to work .

The key quantitative parameters Cubase Ai7:
Number of audio tracks : 32
Number of MIDI tracks : 48
The number of instrument tracks : 16
Number of tool slots ( menu F11, multivyhod ): 8
The number of group channels : 8
FX- Number of Channels: 4
The number of inserts in the channels : 4
Number Sendov in channels : 4
MIDI inserts : none
Physical input – output when working with the equipment : 16
Maximum sample rate : 96kHz


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